Some helpful stuff

The Main StageĀ® is an online community that allows employers and Events Industry professionals to connect with each other as well as advertise and find the best work and volunteer positions within the industry.
This can be seen on our home page in our table of features. Generally, a basic membership is normally suitable if you only plan to use The Main Stage occasionally. The premium options will be more suitable for Businesses and Individuals who use the website frequently.
Unless you tell us otherwise by cancelling your subscription, you will be charged automatically for the same service you bought with us last time, either 1 (monthly) or 12 months (yearly) premium membership.
You will need to create two accounts, one as an Individual and one as an Employer. Unfortunately you cannot use the same email address for both accounts. We would suggest using a generic email address such as hello@yourbusiness.com for the Employer profile and a personal email such as yourname@youremail.com for the Individual profile.
Individuals and Employers need to be aware that we are an online community which operates as a venue only and does not introduce or supply Individuals to Employers (or vice versa). For more information relating to this please read our Terms and Conditions.